there are infinite possibilities and any could unfold at any time. the potential for pain and suffering is in every situation, particularly those that reside in the unknown. the possibility of things 'going wrong' is inescapable. so we can then either choose to live in constant fear or with trust and a carefree spirit. the unknown is uncomfortable but the uncomfortable isn't necessarily undesirable. in fact, all that is truly desired within every one of us is inseparable from many things unknown to us. living comfortably may seem safe and pleasant, but it is ultimately the most dangerous and unfulfilling. and when things don't go according to plan or as anticipated, they have only  gone wrong if we choose to see it that way.


quieten your voice of fear and let things unfold with detachment. choose to feel peace through everything. once you stop treating discomfort like a fire that must be immediately extinguished, you can consider with better awareness how to continue. and you can embrace it, altering  your perception of suffering altogether.

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