we are born. soul takes birth. consciousness comes into form. this is our purest form. pure creation. pure expression of love. as we spend time as this form, we build up layers of self. of thoughts, of experiences, of personalities. and we become consumed by influence. we now have a construction, vulnerable and held together by threads of fear. we have become fear, the opposite of our purest form; love. and it’s okay that this has happened, I’m not sure it could have been any other way. we have grown up in a world that influences. a world of humans who attempt to let go of their own construction of fear by passing it to others. and we are unaware. we are so unaware that we search for love in things, in numbers, in validation. but love is what we began with. love is what we were created from. love is what we are. and we will not find it anywhere other than within ourselves. all we have to do is unravel our self construction.


and what will be left is the power that created the entire universe.


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