our mother

from where we have come, we will return

the roots we have grown from are of our concern

but the more we grow, the more we seem to forget

that our provider of life, we need to respect


our mother who brought life to the earth

has held each of us with love from birth

but losing sight of the love, we pull at her hair

we tear her skin, leaving her bare


with each sunrise and each sunset

she and her resources cannot reset

what we continue to destroy, she can feel

and when free from our intervention, she can heal


she provides to us a home

which we have taken and claim we own

yet forgivingly she continues giving

sustenance to all that is living


our amnesia disguised

as knowledge misguides us

leading us to assume

the world is ours to consume

leading us to believe

only what we perceive

but this life is filled with more

growth, power, and love

we can restore

to our mother of the earth

and acknowledge all that she is worth

to respect her work

and honour her art

to see her beauty

and feel the beat of her heart

to watch her thrive

and in turn provide

a world of nature

a world full of life

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