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I first opened my Etsy shop in march 2017 selling prints of the paintings I was making at the time. it was all very exciting but I actually made no sales the entire year! It was a bit discouraging but not enough to make me stop of course. With the release of my book ‘let go’, I decided to start fresh and open up a new Etsy shop. That is the one that I’m currently using with now a constant flow of orders and commissions and it just makes my heart so warm. I have learned so much over the past few months of building my small business. A lot of the progress came from just the decision to act as if it was already a “successful” business. From treating instagram like a professional platform and teaching myself how to feel like I was already a professional artist. I kept working on it every day; on my craft, on my style, on creating a brand and making it all consistent and of a high standard. And it’s amazing to see such a direct correlation between the amount of work I put in and the results and progress... so for anyone out there trying to share love through creative expression, just know that big things are on their way. For all of us. Just trust and keep working on it.

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