virtual reality

what is it for?

what is the point of all this?

what happens when you get 100,000 followers?

what happens when your video goes viral?

you feel validated?


or do you then want 1,000,000 followers?

and more views?

more likes?

more validation?

more. more. more.

when does it end?

when is it enough to make you fulfilled?

sure, technology is great

but not like this

not in the we’ve made it be

in the way that it has more control over us

than we have over ourselves


numbers and images

made up of pixels on a screen

that’s all all of it is

and through that we are trying to get fulfilment

do we even see anything else anymore?

do we even look at the train as much as a screen?

do we look at faces as much as we do in images?

do we look at our surroundings as much as we do through a camera lens?


our reality is no longer able to be touched

it is virtual

and we are trapped in the virtual reality

it’s time to escape

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